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What's New in
AnyDesk Version 6.0

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New User Interface

The new user interface departs from a static orientation and gives you a widget-inspired display. Operating AnyDesk is even easier now: drag & drop and quick commands simplify every workflow.

New User Interface

Remote Printing

You’re on a business trip and you need a document from your main office? With AnyDesk you can print out documents from your remote device on your local printer.

Remote Printing

New Addressbook

From now on, you can do more than just upload single address book entries. Custom Clients can automatically be added to the address book of the account. You however won’t use track of all the new entries: The new design isn’t only clearer, you can even organize your entries using tags.

New addressbook


The new Auto-Discovery Feature shows you on your main window, which devices with an AnyDesk are nearby. That way, you don’t have to ask your colleague for their ID and you can start a session right away.



To succesfully communicate with your enduser, you need to be able to give clear instructions. You can now mark important things on your remote device: Simply use arrows, sketches or just tap on whatever you need to show. That way, you can easily instruct your enduser.

On Screen Whiteboard

Remote Control for Android

Screensharing has been possible for Android-devices for quite some time. Now you can also remote control your Android-device. The list of compatible devices expands continuously.

Remote Control Android

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